Newcomers Fellowship

"Behold, I am doing a new thing..."  [Isaiah 43:19]

If you are new to The Remnant Church, we would love to take time out to get to know you at our Newcomers Fellowship. This fun event takes place the 2nd Sunday of every month, right after our Sunday service. We'll provide a light appetizer while we share the heart and vision of this church body with you! 

We'd love to meet with you, so join us at our next Newcomers Fellowship. YOU'RE INVITED!!

The Purple Book

If you are a New Christian, or if you want to learn about the foundations of the faith, we'd like to invite you to "The Purple Book" Discipleship Program. This is a 6-week one on one program for adults. 

Sign up at the Connect Center (located in our middle foyer) for more information!