what we believe

In short, we believe the Bible-- from the front cover to the back! We encourage everyone who attends TRC to take time out to dig deeper into the Word of God on their own to discover God's best plan for their life!

The Bible is the ultimate source of truth that guides The Remnant Church. The Bible is the infallible Word of God that was written by men who were led by the Holy Ghost. It is the only book that has every answer for the challenges life presents.  Here are a few things we believe:

  • The Bible teaches that Jesus is the only answer for mankind to be restored unto God.
  • The Bible also teaches there is nothing we can add to Jesus that ensures salvation.
  • The Bible teaches God is the Father, God is the Son, and God is the Holy Ghost.
  • The Bible teaches that baptism is a directive as we continue in our discipleship toward Jesus.
  • The Bible teaches the Lord’s Supper is a physical act that institutes a spiritual principal of remembering Jesus.
  • The Bible teaches that endurance and working out our salvation, which leads to finishing our course, is a directive.
  • The Bible teaches that the power which changes and teaches us is the Holy Ghost.
  • The Bible teaches God’s grace and mercy is continually extended to us in His forgiveness of sin.
  • The Bible teaches that the church is the believers in Jesus, not the buildings nor the religious institutions that proclaim their man made systems of belief.
  • The Bible teaches that the gifts of the spirit are to be in operation.
  • The Bible teaches us to be a member of a congregation.
  • The Bible teaches us to dance before the Lord, raise our hands, clap our hands, shout with a voice of triumph, kneel, and even lay prostrate before Him.
  • The Bible teaches Jesus was born, lived, died, and rose again so mankind would not be forever doomed to an eternity in hell.

All of the above statements are found in scripture; therefore, they are truths that solidify the faith of each believer.