Power House Sunday

Hello Church Family - 

We are so excited for you to have the opportunity to bring the power of God into your home this Sunday, March 29 through our Power House Sunday plan! We'll be gathering as an online community again this Sunday to honor our government's order prohibiting gatherings of more than ten people.

Here's what we want you to know: The church isn't closed; the building is closed. The church is open for business, because the church is YOU!

This Sunday, we'll be honoring God in our homes by taking intentional time out to gather together and worship HIM. We're not just "getting on livestream;" we are hosting the presence of God!

The service plan has two parts.

  1. Part One starts in your home at 10 AM. You'll have the opportunity to pray, take communion, watch a children's lesson, and give with your family!
  2. Part Two starts on our Facebook page at 10:45 AM, where we'll have a time of worship and a strong message streaming live. 

Click below for a "colorful" copy of the plan.


Click below for a "plain" copy of the plan.


You can choose to use the one you like best. And if you're wanting to print the plan out from home, you'll use less ink with the "plain" version of the plan. We also have printed copies of the service plan available in a folder taped to the front doors of TRC.

It's time to get ready! Go ahead and make your plan now and share it with your family so that everyone knows what to expect for Sunday morning. What will this look like in your home? Pancake Breakfast? PJ Sunday? Dress your best? Matching outfits? Fun snacks for during the service? The sky's the limit!! 

We believe that when we are intentional about hosting the presence of God, He will show up in a big way. This Sunday is going to change the atmosphere in our homes by bringing God's power! Let's say it together, "We don't have a sour house, we have a power house!!"

Here are all the links you may need:

Our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/truthcenter/

Online Giving: https://theremnantchurch.net/donate
Text to Give: Just text the word "Give" to 979-464-6244

Children's Lesson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wkt00DptsW0

Activity Pages: Power_House_Sunday_March_29_Handouts.pdf


Have questions? Please contact Pastor Kolbe at 979-250-3515. We are here for you!!

PS. Post photos of your Power House Sunday and use the hashtag #PowerHouseTRC

We love you all, and are praying for you as you discern and make wise choices for your family!