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Financial mess and I was here a year ago. I feel God is calling me to go back to Dental hygiene school, but I’m unclear because money is not available for that expense. But I apply for jobs and try to move in other directions and door gets closed. I have a job but making way less then I ever have and not providing enough for our bills and everything is cheaper then we have ever had. I need direction from God and his will for my life. I have done my own will for almost 29 years and it hasn’t worked out. I got accepted to hygiene school in my 20’s and chose a different path. My eyes and ears are open and I just need clarity from God in my life. Thank you


God to provide a better job opportunity for my husband and for me to be able to well at my new job. To provide the means for us to be able to buy a house or find a better one for us to rent preferably in LaGrange area. Where he leads us we will go. To open our eyes and ears to hear him clearly on what we are to do. To help our marriage and our family as well.


Please pray for my husband, Ray and our marriage, our children.


Please pray for my husband Michael as he prepares to return home to his family from incarceration.


Prayers for my wife Carol who has significant surgery today at St David.