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We are the parents of JJ Reyna. JJ's step-brother, Nick Thieme, has an Aunt in Montana fighting for her life. Jaci Brosseau has beat breast cancer twice. Please have your entire family lift Jaci and her family up in prayer.


I have been diagnosed with a heart arrhythmia after having my baby. Praying that lifestyle changes will prevent the need for medication. I was also diagnosed with mitral valve regurgitation as well as a tricuspid valve regurgitation (both valves are leaking). Will be going in for a procedure called Transesophogeal Echocardiogram to determine severity of these leaks and when and if surgery is necessary. Prayer for healing and help with fear of the procedure.


Brandon and Kolby have tested positive as of Tuesday 9/7 for the coronavirus. They have appointments on Wednesday (Kolbys) and Thursday (Brandon’s) please pray that everything goes well and we can keep it isolated and recover quickly. right now they are having mild symptoms and are just getting a lot of sleep and hydration.


Asking for prayers for my SIL Lea Ann. She is 41 in ICU with Covid Pneumonia on a ventilator. She has two children 11 and 6 that need their mom back home.


We have a sales contract on our house in Houston. We live in Fayette County. Please pray for the closing to happen in late September as scheduled.